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Legal Notices

The Aetna® Vital Savings program is not available in Montana, Vermont and Puerto Rico (Dental). Aetna® Vital Savings is NOT health insurance.


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1Actual costs and savings vary by provider and geographic area.
2According to the Aetna Enterprise Database as of October 2019.
3In addition to the regular discount for standard orthodontic treatment, the patient is responsible for an upgrade charge if they choose Invisalign over the conventional orthodontic appliance. This is the difference between the dentist's usual fee for conventional orthodontic treatment and the fee for Invisalign. Members should check with their dentist first on pricing before obtaining services in case service is not subject to a discount.

The Aetna Vital Savings (the “Program”) is not insurance. The Program does not meet the Minimum Creditable Coverage requirements in Massachusetts. It provides access to discounted rates offered by participating providers who are independent contractors and not employees or agents of Aetna. The Program does not make any payments to providers. You are responsible for paying the provider but will receive a discount from those providers in our discount program network. The availability of any particular provider cannot be guaranteed, and provider network composition is subject to change. Aetna Vital Savings is not available in Vermont, Puerto Rico or Montana. Aetna Life Insurance Company, located at 151 Farmington Avenue, Hartford, CT 06156, 1-877-698-4825 (TTY: 711), is the Discount Plan Organization

Oklahoma form numbers for discount programs: GR-96402-04 6-13.

Fitness, weight loss, hearing, natural products and services, and other healthy living discounts are offered by vendors who are solely responsible for the products and services they provide. Aetna may get a fee when you buy products or services from these vendors.

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